Saturday, October 22, 2011


Yes, you read that right.  Two weeks ago, my friend, Patty, invited me to see circuscats for an early birthday present.  First, she had asked me if I was available without telling me anything about what she was going to bring me to;  all she said was that she promised I would like it.  I pressed for more information, and she reluctantly told me what the surprise was.  She was going to bring me to see circuscats.  I went online, and sure enough, there is a site for circuscats.  They are called Acrocats, and I was thrilled to be invited.  Who wouldn't want to see a bunch of cats doing acrobatics, but the main thing is - how would you get them to do the acrobatics???

We got to the Shadowbox Theater on St. Claude Avenue in New Orleans, and we sat down to watch all the other theater patrons.  It was an interesting group.  We got settled and awaited the circuscats.  The "ringleader," a woman named Samantha, came out on stage, and she enticed people to buy kitty ear headbands.  I told Patty I already had those at home.  "Of course you do," she said.  Anyone who knows me knows this would be true.  She explained that cat training kits would be for sale after the show so that we could have our cats do the same amazing feats the circuscats would perform.  Cat magnets would also be for sale.  She further explained that the proceeds would go toward feeding and caring for all of the cats.  She said she wouldn't tell us how many cats she had, but suffice it to say, she is single.

The show began.  Ta-da!  A white cat named Tuna came out of his kitty carrier, and Samantha directed him to jump over an obstacle.  Tuna walked out onto the stage, looked at the audience, stretched, and walked around some more, ignoring Samantha.  She continued to direct him to jump.  He continued to ignore her.  They went back and forth like this for several minutes.  Patty whispered to me, "Debra, I am so sorry!"  I was thinking that I felt bad for Patty because she spent good money to bring me to this, but at the same time, I was laughing at the whole situation because anyone who has tried to make a cat do something knows that cats cannot be made to do anything!

Believe it or not, after much cajoling, Tuna finally deigned to jump over the obstacle.  One by one, Samantha and her assistant let different kitties out of their kitty carriers, and each of them performed tricks.  I laughed a lot, but my mother always did say I was easily amused.  The last act was the Rock Cats - each cat played an instrument in a rock band, but I wouldn't really recommend their music.  It was pretty funny, and Patty got me the Rock Cats magnet, which is now on my refrigerator.  I even got a cat training kit, and immediately began trying to make my cats do tricks when I got home.  I am having the same success that Samantha had with Tuna!

Here I am in front of the Rock Cats band.

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