Saturday, October 22, 2011

Virtual Makeover

Either I am becoming bored in retirement or I am becoming more creative (and silly - as if that's possible).  So last night, when I was staying up till all hours of the night, I was playing on the computer (how many stories start out that way?), and I decided to see if I could find a site that would show what you looked like with different hairstyles and hair colors.  Turns out, there are many sites like this.  Just google "virtual makeover," and see how many there are.

I tried a variety of them and had a blast.  First, you have to upload a picture of yourself.  Then you choose a hair style.  It's pretty funny trying to fit the hair style on to your head.  Then try changing the color.  See if that's not the most fun you have had all day.

What made it even more fun was uploading my husband's picture and trying out different hairstyles and colors on him.  He laughed when I showed him his picture, but not as much as I did....

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