Monday, November 14, 2011

How can you not love the library?

I love going to the library.  Many new worlds await you, and you never know what you're going to find.  And the best thing of all - it's free!!!!

Since I've retired, my librarians tease me more than usual.  They love me, and I tell them I'm their favorite patron.  When they see me coming, they say, "Oh, here comes that retired person."  I try not to be obnoxious about how wonderful retirement is, but it doesn't help that I break into my happy dance.

Whenever I return library books, I have to tell the librarian whether or not this book was good, or how riveting that book was.  I ask for reading suggestions, and I am serious about my reading.  I always have to have a book to read before I go to sleep.  I read my Bible and then commence reading the library book.

I get books on tape or on CD or these new devices called Playaways.  I listen to books while I'm washing dishes, folding clothes, cooking, gardening, driving - any way I can.
Yes, I'm still Type A, even though I'm retired.  I doubt that will change.  I have to be doing at least two things at once.  (I'm exaggerating, but you get the idea.)

Today I went looking for a book of dog jokes.  Never found it, but I got all kinds of other books.  Books about traveling to dangerous place, Fodor's How to Pack, Gutsy Women Travel Tips, and a book that is so enlightening titled:  i am neurotic (and so are you).  It's by Lianna Kong.  Everyone has neuroses - quirks for daily living.  Some of us are more obvious about our neuroses.  I have never denied that I am neurotic.  Examples:  I hate peach skin - can't stand to eat a peach with its skin.  Just hate the feel of it.  I never seem to remember if I've locked my car, so I have to go back and click the remote lock again.  Hate touching doorknobs in a public restroom.   Cut all the tags out of my clothing.  These are just a few of my neurotic idiosyncrasies.  Reading this book made me feel so normal!!!  If you have even a touch of OCD, you will love this book and completely identify.

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