Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lizard in the House!

Whenever my cats fixate on something, I know there's a bug or lizard in the house.  This morning, Zoe would not stop meowing, and she was fixated on the kitchen wall clock.

I walked over to see what was there, and sure enough, there was a green lizard on the wall right above the kitchen clock.  I did not scream (yet).  I opened the patio door in hopes that the lizard could be herded outside, but I didn't go close to do the herding because I could already see the lizard jumping on me and hear myself screaming for bloody murder.

Then I looked again because Zoe was on the floor looking around, and I could NOT see the lizard.  Oy vey, the lizard is still in the house, but I don't know where.  I feel a scream coming on.  Can you just see the lizard jumping on you?

Long ago, when I lived in an apartment, I was on the phone and noticed a lizard on my counter.  I got off the phone and ran outside, grabbing the first person I saw, a strange man I had never seen, and I demanded that he get the lizard out of my house.  He did, but not before he shoved the lizard in my face, just like a little boy would.  He got the desired scream, and I never saw him again.  I have no idea who that person was.

I am hoping the lizard somehow gets outside and I don't find his dry, shriveled body weeks later.  I am also hoping he doesn't jump on me!

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