Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hot Yoga

No, I am not talking about yoga that you do in a room heated to 108 degrees.  I am referring to the yoga that I do when I am in a pose and get a hot flash.  I grab something to fan myself and try to keep doing the pose.  It might be a little distracting, but hey, I'm trying!

Today, we were in crocodile pose when the hot flash struck.  Anyone who has had hot flashes knows they cannot be ignored.  I grabbed a newspaper that I had brought into class with me, and I fanned myself.  The teacher commented, and I said it was crocodile with a hot flash pose.  Then someone said it was hot yoga.  I have a hearing loss, and I thought the person had said hot cougar.  That started a whole new topic.  And you thought yoga class was serious?

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