Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

The Christmas tree is still up - I'm usually one of the last people in my neighborhood to take down the tree, and this year, it's not a problem because the tree is artificial.  It's our first fake tree.  And guess what?  No Christmas tree needles on the floor!  I had gotten tired of being disappointed every year by the promise of a real tree that looked great on the lot, but by the time we got it home, it was already dropping its needles.  And then, I'd have to sweep up a new pile of needles every day.

I'd read in a newspaper column, that if you're going to get a fake tree, get it pre-lit with LED lights.  So that's what I did.  Boy, is it bright!!!  I figure I will have to live at least nine more years to get my money's worth out of this tree.

The cats were curious about this new addition, and I was hoping they didn't electrocute themselves by chewing on the LED lights.  So far, so good.  I usually decorate the lower branches with ornaments that I'm not worried about breaking.  The cats figure those ornaments are theirs anyway.  I just found a plastic reindeer ornament all the way in the corner of the room.  It's like they're hiding Easter eggs for us to find later.

The Christmas tree skirt is a plaything for them, too.  First, they act like they are the presents, sitting on the skirt under the tree.  The next thing you know, the skirt is in the middle of the hall in the next room.  Yep, those are some wild cats.  A few days ago, they broke the Christmas star I'd made years and years ago.  I found it in pieces on the floor.  My furry grey child didn't admit to anything, but he was seen lurking in the area, so I think he's the guilty party.  Oh well...

We finally bought a new Christmas angel.  They had knocked the old angel onto the floor so often that her head cracked, so we had glued it back together.  She kind of looked like Frankenstein-Angel.  I noticed that her wings had all kinds of teeth marks on them.  The angel I bought to replace Frankenstein-Angel is safe on top of the tree, I hope.....

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