Monday, August 24, 2015

Aren't You Bored?

When I tell people I'm retired, the most frequently asked question is,"What do you do all day?" followed by, "Aren't you bored?"

I am flabbergasted that people would even ask me that.  I don't have time to be bored.  As the title of my blog reads:  retirement is the best job I ever had.  I love my life now.

Being bored is a luxury.  I have so many projects going on and so much to do.  Here's a short list of what I've been doing since my retirement four years ago:

started this blog;
taught Sunday School;
taught Vacation Bible School;
wrote a novel;
started a second novel;
already have idea for third novel;
wrote a short story;
took guitar lessons;
took piano lessons;
took art courses;
trying out new recipes; 
lost 50 pounds;
traveled to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Washington D.C., Virginia, Hawaii, Navarre, Panama City;
took care of Wayne through a heart attack, stents, diverticulitis with an abscess, and bleeding ulcers;
shopped in the middle of the day;
stayed in bed all day reading;
stayed up all night reading;
watched movies til 4 a.m.;
met friends for lunch all over the city;
tried to get Walter certified as a Visiting Pet - he wasn't ready but we still visit a friend in the nursing home;
volunteered at the animal shelter;
stayed with my sister-in-law for a month while she was going through chemotherapy;
re-learned how to crochet and knit;
had two meniscus repair surgeries;
joined Masters Swimming;

Those are the things I can think of right now.  All these are in addition to all the chores and errands everyone does, but now I don't have to rush through them after work when I'm  stressed out or exhausted.  You know - paying bills, gardening, housework, going through the mail, going to grocery and drug store....

I'm so happy to be retired, and I feel sorry for people who still have to work, but I try not to rub it in.....

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