Sunday, September 13, 2015


Whenever I see my cats focused on something, it's a signal to me that's there's something they're hunting.  That's how they let us know there was a snake in the house a few years back - another story for another time.  (Actually, there have been snakes in the house on three separate occasions.)

This is an example of what that looks like:

On this particular night, they were hunting a baby gecko.  The fact that it was a baby did not prevent me from screaming when I saw it.  I couldn't wait for Wayne to come rescue me from the monstrous baby gecko because the cats would have mauled the poor thing, and the next step would have been eating it!

I grabbed a paper towel and used it to grab the baby gecko and throw it outside.  Live, baby gecko!  And don't come back in the house!

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