Thursday, December 26, 2013

I Finally Saw It!

I have been trying to catch the raccoons in the act of raiding the bird feeder, and I finally saw it tonight, with the help of Walter's sharp ears.  His cries alerted me to the raccoons right outside the kitchen window.

I saw one of the raccoons jump up onto the window ledge, and from there, he made a flying leap onto the bird feeder above him.  The tray of the bird feeder went straight up in the air because of the raccoon hanging on one side of it.  I saw the bird seed spill onto the ground.  The raccoon held onto the bird feeder tray with the grasping paws of his legs, and then he jumped onto the ground.

I saw him do this twice.  Now I just need to get the proper equipment to take a video of it so you'll believe me!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I Am Getting Braver

Usually when I see a critter inside the house, one that does not belong, i.e., gecko, lizard, frog, toad, snake, etc., I scream and call for Wayne to grab whatever it is and throw it outside.

Well, I saw a gecko, screamed, yelled for Wayne, but I was worried he wouldn't get there in time and that it would hide, and that would mean worrying all night that it might jump on me, so.... I got a Kleenex and carefully wrapped it around the little gecko.  It took a couple of tries, with accompanying screams, but I finally caught it and threw it outside.  Who knew I'd be getting braver as I aged?

Raccoon Treats

I made some praline bars, a recipe I got from the newspaper.  I made two trays of them, but the one closest to the heating coil at the bottom of the oven - all of those got a little "crispy," i.e., burned...  I hate when that happens because I hate wasting food.  So I figured the raccoons wouldn't mind crispy praline bars, after all, why wouldn't they like graham crackers with melted butter and brown sugar with pecans?

Well, I put all of the praline bars into two paper plates and left them out on the patio.  Sure enough, the next morning, every single one of them had been eaten.  Christmas came a little early for my raccoons.  Wonder what they're leaving me tonight....