Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Walter's Treasure

My husband brought Walter in from his walk  last night, and the dog came into the room where I was playing on the computer.  I didn't even notice that he'd brought something in with him.  Wayne came into the room, and immediately he said, "Walter, what did you bring inside?  A dead frog!"  I looked down, and sure enough, Walter was trying to eat a dead, pressed frog.  Ugh!  Wayne came to the rescue, and he used paper towels to pick up Walter's treasure.

The day before yesterday, Wayne said that Walter hadn't eaten his food in the morning, but he found some styrofoam in the corner of the dining room.  He didn't eat his food that night either, so we were worried he might have eaten the styrofoam.  I called the vet, who suggested giving him two tablespoons of Pepto Bismol.  That did the trick, and Walter is back to eating again.

When I was cooking broccoli, I gave Walter a piece of the stalk.  Delicately, he took it in his mouth and brought it to the rug in the dining room.  Then he came back to the kitchen.  I gave him a piece of tomato, which he brought over to the rug by the patio door. He ate that piece, but I found the broccoli stalk untouched.  Yeah, Walter!  You won't eat broccoli, but you'll eat a dead pressed frog!!!

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