Monday, July 30, 2012

Dom Perignon

I finally did it.  I tasted Dom Perignon!  For my 57th birthday, I had wanted to do a taste test with Dom Perignon and Cristalle, but I priced them and was discouraged at the cost.

I saw an announcement in the paper last week, that there would be a "Tasting at the Track."  All kinds of champagne tastings would be available for $25.  I called some friends to see who would be interested.  We got a group together, and the husband of my friend  chauffeured us to the Racetrack.

When we got to the event, in exchange for our tickets, we were presented with a champagne glass.  It was a nice set-up.  There were fourteen different tables grouped by the different champagne companies.  There were also several tables with different types of cheese, crackers, and fruit, with a separate table for chocolate pastries.  What could be better than champagne and chocolate? 

I had already scouted out and found that Dom Perignon would be at Table 11.  I was not the only one who noticed that.  As soon as the signal was given, many of us made a beeline for that table.

I tasted Dom Perignon.  It was OK.  It wasn't as good as that $23 glass of champagne I had at Restaurant August.  I just wish I had gotten the name of that champagne.

Altogether, I tasted 17 different champagnes.  I didn't rave over any one in particular, but I'm glad I got to attend the event.  I even saw someone I knew.  We recognized each other from our days working at an elementary school in New Orleans.

At eight o'clock, my friend's husband picked us up, and one of the women said what would be perfect would be some greasy hamburgers.  We stopped at Lee's hamburgers and indulged yet again.

I drank plenty of water that night, so I wouldn't wake up with a hangover.  It worked!

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