Friday, May 10, 2013

My Own Private Wild Kingdom

Yes, we have Wild Kingdom in our backyard.  I was sitting inside looking out the window, and I saw what I thought was a stray cat jump from the fence into our yard.  I thought to myself, "Who is that cat?"  Well, it wasn't a cat.  It was a raccoon.  He walked through the grass and came to the edge of the patio, right by the herb garden.  James Bond, Jr., the tuxedo feral cat (I know, he doesn't look very feral) hunched up on the other side of the herb garden when he saw the raccoon.

I haven't seen this happen before:  the raccoon stood up on his hind legs and spread out his arms so he appeared bigger.  I thought he did this to intimidate the cat.  Well, he must have seen something in the cat's demeanor, because he got back down on all four legs and turned around and ran out of the yard.  He didn't stay away for long though.  He came back the next night and ate the leftover cat food.

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