Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hot Flashes

One of my friends, who knows me very well, gave me this journal for Christmas:
I laughed so hard when I tore off the wrapping paper.  That's exactly how I feel when I'm having a hot flash!

The Dog and the Raccoon

                       Here's Walter:

Here's Walter looking outside:

Here's the raccoon that comes to the backyard to eat leftover cat food every single night:

This is why Walter goes into alert and starts barking to let us know there is an interloper in his backyard.


I love all the birds that visit our backyard.  Here are two finches:

Kitty TV!

Dead Possum in the Middle of the Tree

I was in the backyard weeding and pulling up plants that had died during the recent freeze.  It was in the midst of pulling dead vines from the fence, when something caught my attention.  I got closer to the trunk of the oak tree and saw something furry.  I couldn't figure out what it was.  And then I saw the tail and screamed - it was a dead possum!

It was stuck in the tree, and I have no idea how it died.  Briefly, I considered using a plastic bag to throw it away, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.  It looks like it's been there a while.

When I asked my husband what we should do, he said, "Just leave it."  So every time I go out in the backyard, I see this sight.

Where's Zoe?

I was organizing my sock drawer and had left the drawer open.  When I came back to finish the task, I was surprised to find Zoe:

This reminded me of the movie, E.T., when the alien was hiding among all the stuffed animals.