Friday, May 10, 2013

My Own Private Wild Kingdom

Yes, we have Wild Kingdom in our backyard.  I was sitting inside looking out the window, and I saw what I thought was a stray cat jump from the fence into our yard.  I thought to myself, "Who is that cat?"  Well, it wasn't a cat.  It was a raccoon.  He walked through the grass and came to the edge of the patio, right by the herb garden.  James Bond, Jr., the tuxedo feral cat (I know, he doesn't look very feral) hunched up on the other side of the herb garden when he saw the raccoon.

I haven't seen this happen before:  the raccoon stood up on his hind legs and spread out his arms so he appeared bigger.  I thought he did this to intimidate the cat.  Well, he must have seen something in the cat's demeanor, because he got back down on all four legs and turned around and ran out of the yard.  He didn't stay away for long though.  He came back the next night and ate the leftover cat food.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Thursday, May 2, 2013

 Guess Where I Am!

Henry has the loudest voice of all the cats.  Sometimes he yells so loudly, he startles us.  He's not hurt.  He just wants someone to find him and play with him or admire how cute he is.

Today when I heard him, I went looking for him, and here's where I found him:  on top of the wardrobe.  It's six feet tall.  He jumps up to the window ledge, and then he jumps onto the top of the wardrobe.  Yes, he gets around.
I Finally Figured It Out

Zoe, the calico kitty, loves to cuddle up next to the other cats.  At first, Harry, Henry, and Violet were not at all pleased with this newcomer, but after a while, they accepted her.  She especially loves to get into the kitty bed with Henry.

Oftentimes, I'd hear Henry scream out like Zoe had bitten him.  I finally figured out what was happening.  Zoe is edging Henry out of the bed, and Henry is mad.  You can see his foot by Zoe's head.  He's kicking her in the head to make her move over, and he's yowling at her in frustration.  She's getting kicked, but he's the one screaming....
Ever since Wayne had a heart attack, he carries nitroglycerin with him.  The bottles are tiny, and he forgets that he has it in his pocket, so when he throws his clothes in the washing machine, guess what else gets washed?  Sometimes, the bottle stays in his pocket through the whole washing cycle, and I don't know it's there until I see it in the dryer.  Well, this time, the lid came unscrewed, and all the little nitroglycerin pills were let lose in the dryer.  Sometimes, he leaves money in his pocket.  It's better when it's paper currency than change.  Well, this time, I got paid in nitroglycerin...
Humans, Find Somewhere Else to Sit

It's a rumor that cats and dogs don't get along.   Walter is making himself comfortable on two-thirds of the sofa, while Violet is curled up on the other third.

Yes, I know how gorgeous I am.  Everyone should admire me.
Portrait in Black and White

My human made me sit for this portrait.  Yeah, sometimes I indulge her.
Yoga Cat

Yeah, I'm flexible.  I do yoga.