Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Devil's Horse

This morning, I opened the front door to pick up a package that had been left on my chair on the front porch.  I looked down on the mat outside my door, and SCREAMED!  There was a devil's horse right on the mat.

I tried to stomp on him, but I missed, and he hopped away.  I wasn't brave enough to pursue him, and he got away.

I always describe devil's horses as black armor-plated grasshoppers with yellow or red underneath their wings.  They are so hard to kill, you have to stomp on them at least three times, and then they're still moving!

Last summer when I was gardening, I remember pulling up weeds, and all of a sudden, about 50 baby devil's horses streamed out from the soil.  I screamed then, too, but I killed as many as I could.  I know - they were babies, but I also know they grow up to be armor-plated monsters.

I saw one eating a piece of cat food.  It was so big, it could hold a piece of kibble in its front legs.

The first time I ever saw them was at the welcome station in Alabama.  The whole driveway into the station was covered in devil's horses.  It looked like the plague in Egypt.  These things remind me of some of the creatures described in Revelation.

Since the one on my door mat got away this morning, I expect to be seeing it again.  You can be sure that I will scream when I do see it!

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