Monday, July 30, 2012

World's Best Chocolate Cake

We missed our friend's 50th birthday party because I had just had knee surgery and Wayne had a high fever.  I was sad that we'd missed her party because "50" is a milestone, so we invited Trapper and Cindy to come to our house for a mini-birthday party.

I checked with Trapper to find out what Cindy's favorite flavor was, and he said she like chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream.  I've had a recipe on my refrigerator door for the "World's Best Chocolate Cake."  Well, here was an opportunity to try out that recipe.

The day before the party, and right after physical therapy, I went to the store to buy all the ingredients.  I started making the cake Friday afternoon.  It was a labor-intensive recipe, but wow, they were not kidding when they named this cake.

There were three layers, and to make the cake sit evenly, I had to trim off the tops of the layers.  Just tasting those bits of cake, I was impressed.  Really, the world's best!

I made the frosting, and taking a cue from one of the cooking shows I've been watching, I put a quick thin layer of frosting to bind the crumbs.  Then I continued frosting the entire cake.

Instead of using 50 candles, I put 50 pecans and added the "5" and "0" on top of the cake.  I have to say, the finished product looked great and tasted even better!

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