Sunday, September 13, 2015

My Favorite Time of the Day

I love the light at a certain time of the day.  I don't know the technical term for it, but this is what it looks like:

Momma Raccoon

It's been a nightly occurrence:  after the feral cats in the backyard eat, if there's any leftover food, the raccoons and possums finish the food, which starts Walter barking, warning us that there are dangerous wild animals threatening to kill us if we do not heed his alarm.  We tell Walter, "Good boy!  Thanks for letting us know!"  We look out the window and observe the critters.  It's always a good show.

For the past few nights, a small raccoon has been showing up, and we thought it was a youngster or at least a teen raccoon.  Well, she showed up with three babies in tow!

We had no idea she was a momma raccoon.  I love shows in my backyard!  


Whenever I see my cats focused on something, it's a signal to me that's there's something they're hunting.  That's how they let us know there was a snake in the house a few years back - another story for another time.  (Actually, there have been snakes in the house on three separate occasions.)

This is an example of what that looks like:

On this particular night, they were hunting a baby gecko.  The fact that it was a baby did not prevent me from screaming when I saw it.  I couldn't wait for Wayne to come rescue me from the monstrous baby gecko because the cats would have mauled the poor thing, and the next step would have been eating it!

I grabbed a paper towel and used it to grab the baby gecko and throw it outside.  Live, baby gecko!  And don't come back in the house!

Identifying the Bird Feeder Thief

Every morning, I wake up to find my bird feeder like this:

For weeks, I have been trying to find out who the culprit is.  Couldn't figure out if it was a raccoon or squirrels or what!

I finally found out and couldn't have been more surprised, although I don't know why, because one of them is on the patio almost every night, eating up the leftover cat food.  Here's who it was:
Yes, it's a possum!  

You know how possums play dead when you surprise them?  Well, it's pretty easy to take their picture when they freeze like that.  I got several photos of this little guy.
Mystery solved!