Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Walter Escapes Again

I had just let Walter out into the backyard so he could relieve himself.  A few minutes later, I heard the door bell.  I could already guess - Walter had gotten out again, and my neighbors found him.  Yep, he dug under the fence and escaped from the back yard.

I have wonderful neighbors, and they've all met Walter.  He is so affectionate, it's hard not to love him in return.  Courtney and her two friends had Walter, thank goodness.  I got his leash, made him sit, and attached it to his collar.  I offered to let them play with Walter, and they looked happy to oblige.  I told them I would be back in 15 minutes.

When I got back, I didn't see them, but in a little while, I knocked on the door, and Courtney's Dad said they were in the backyard.  They had taken Walter for a long walk.  That dog has more energy than I do, and he's more hyper than I am, which I'm sure those who know me will find hard to believe.  It still doesn't slow him down.  Walter has energy to spare.  

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