Monday, August 6, 2012

Walter's in Love

No, he's not in love with another dog or a person.  Here is what he is in love with:

It's an elk antler.  Yesterday, my husband and I went to the dog show in our area, and after watching and admiring all the dogs, we visited some of the product booths.  We asked what this was, and the woman told us it was an elk antler which was the best thing for dogs to chew on, and she said it should last a couple of months.  It cost $15, which seems expensive, but if it really lasts that long, then it's not too bad.

When we got home, Wayne gave the elk antler to Walter.  Delicately, he took it in his mouth and padded over to the carpet in the dining room.  He laid it down gently, and he thoroughly sniffed it.  Walter was occupied for the rest of the day.  He brought it over to the foyer rug and chewed on it forever.  When it was time for him to go outside, Walter picked it up and ran around the dining room table four times before he would even consider letting us put his leash on.  He is absolutely in love with his elk antler.

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