Friday, April 11, 2014


For the past week, I've set the Have-a-Heart trap to catch whatever cat is beating up the feral cats I take care of, and I haven't caught him yet.  I have caught raccoons twice and two of the feral cats.  I thought the feral cats would remember that trap because that's how I caught them and had them tested, given rabies shots, and had them fixed.  But they didn't remember.

This morning, I uncovered the trap, and lo and behold, there was a possum in the trap.  I was opening the door to the trap, and the possum hissed.  I heard them do that before, but the next thing that happened scared me.  The possum growled!  I've never heard a possum growl before.  

Very carefully, I eased open the door to the trap.  I walked away.  The possum was frozen.  Eventually, he ran out of the trap.  That was my adventure for the day....

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