Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Walter the Chomper

I left my jacket on the sofa, and when I came back to that room, my jacket was on the floor.  There were two holes where there used to be buttons.  Big buttons....

I bought Walter a chew toy at Walt-Mart.  It was advertised as "tough," and it had three rings.  The middle ring was a really tough fabric, and the other two rings (one black and one red) were hard rubber or plastic.  Walter chewed up the fabric ring in ten minutes.  Stuffing was all over the floor - again....  The black ring took about the same amount of time for him to destroy it.  I threw away what was left of the fabric ring and the black ring.  Here he is with the red ring.  

I just looked at him next to my computer desk, and it's in pieces.  I think that took less than 10 minutes.  Good thing that toy didn't cost too much.

Walter cracks me up.  He was prancing and almost skipping around the house with that ring in his mouth.  He is good medicine!

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