Saturday, March 31, 2012

                     Walter the Lap Dog
Walter wants to be a lap dog.  The fact that he's much bigger than the average lap is not a deterrent to him.  Maybe that's why he's been tearing up his beds and all his toys.  He's want to be on the sofa with us....

The other day, I walked into the den and saw that some things had been rearranged.  Walter had tugged on the blanket in his kennel, and he had dragged the kennel across the floor, pushing the Persian rug completely to the side.  The following picture is what the den is supposed to look like.

This reminded me of what happened when we first got our kittens from the shelter.  I came home and thought that a burglar had broken into the house.  The rocker glider and the lamp had been knocked over, and there was garbage all over the floor.  The kittens had been having a field day.  I asked the vet if I needed ritalin for the kittens, and he said I should just get more toys for them.  Ha!

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