Monday, March 11, 2013

Tortillas on Fire

Wayne found a new way to heat tortillas.  He puts them in the toaster.  Usually, they don't get crispy enough the first time, so he toasts them twice.

Well, yesterday, we were sitting at the kitchen table waiting for the tortillas to toast.  All of a sudden, we saw fire leaping out of the top of the toaster.  Wayne jumped up and tried to put out the fire.  He unplugged the toaster and upended the toaster into the sink, where the tortillas continued burning until he doused them with water.  Meanwhile, I see that there's part of a tortilla on fire on the counter.  I grabbed the whole bag of tortillas, putting them on top of the flaming tortilla to squelch the flame.  The counter was only scorched a little bit.

The rest of the day was much calmer...

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