Monday, March 25, 2013


The cats always let me know when something is in the house, and by "something," I mean a lizard, wasp, beetle, snake (!), or other critter.  Violet, my long-haired black cat, was pawing at something on the carpet.  Because she has long hair, she sheds it everywhere.  I've learned not to pick up her hair before I see that it is actually her hair and not a spider!  That has happened before, so that's why I always look closely.

Well, she was not pawing at her hair - it was a big spider.  I grabbed a shoe and smashed it.  Then I got two tissues and picked it up, smushing it, for good measure, to make sure it was dead.  I threw it away in the kitchen garbage can.

A few moments later, I saw Violet pawing at something on the carpet by the foot of the bed.  Another big spider!  Same routine:  grab a shoe, kill the spider, get two tissues, pick it up, smush to make sure the spider is dead, and throw it away.

And again!  Another one, same size.  I was starting to get worried.  If I see one spider, no big deal.  But three big spiders...I began thinking that they must have hatched all at the same time, somewhere in the bedroom.

And then, a fourth spider!  This one was smaller than the other three, but it was the same color brown.  I thought to myself, "It's a good thing I don't have arachnophobia."

I don't know why spiders don't make me scream, but roaches do.  It's automatic - if I see a roach, I scream.  Snakes have that same effect on me, whether I see them in the house or in the garden.  I don't always scream for lizards, but frogs jumping on me make me scream.

I hope the spiders are all gone......

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