Sunday, April 21, 2013

Vegetable Garden

Swiss chard is growing in our vegetable garden.  Have you ever eaten this?  It's wonderful.  We just steam it and add a little butter, salt, and pepper.
We also planted Romaine lettuce.  It's so  interesting to see how it grows and forms a head all on its own without any assistnance.

Spinach is next to the chard and tomatoes.  How great is it when you can go out into your backyard, pick a plant out of your garden, cook it, and eat it ten minutes later.  I keep telling my husband we should get some chickens, no roosters, just hens, so we can have eggs.  He tells me the same thing he always does:  "No more animals, Debra!"  

He really freaked out when I put a picture of a mini-donkey in his birthday card and told him I'd bought him one for his birthday.  Then he realized I was joking, but he knows I'd really like to get a mini-donkey.  Every time I go to a festival and there's a petting zoo, I threaten to buy him a baby goat.  It's not really for him, of course.  It's for me, but I just tell him that I was going to buy him a baby goat, or a baby pig, or a miniature horse, so I can hear him say, "Debra, no more animals!"

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