Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This Morning

This is the first thing I woke up to this morning:  Walter asleep on his back on the sofa.  Can you see why there's hardly any room on the sofa for me or my husband?

And here's the second thing I woke up to:  flamingoes on my lawn.  There was a note taped to the front door announcing we'd been flocked!  It's a fundraiser for a youth group.  I love these flamingoes so much I would have them on my lawn year round.  There are 50 flamingoes, in three different sizes.

The third thing that happened this morning is that I got scheduled for knee surgery - again.  The doctor said the meniscus in both knees was shredded.

It's been an eventful day so far.  I think I'm going to relax now!

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