Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Walter's Weight

I brought Walter to the vet just to use the scale to find out how much Walter weighs.  He's 52 pounds now.  He was 29 pounds when we first adopted him in January.  The vet technician said she didn't think Walter would get any bigger, now that he's almost a year old.  He'll be one year old next month.  Then I can register him as a visiting pet, and we can start the process to have him be an official visiting therapy dog.

In the picture above, Walter looks like he's smoking a cigar, but it's his rawhide roll-up.  It cracks me up when he runs around the house with his "cigar."

I just noticed today what he does when the phone rings.  He's sitting right by my feet when I'm on the computer, and when the phone rings, he gets up and trots in front of me into the other room so I can answer the phone.  He's probably been doing that for a while, but it's just taken me until today to realize it.
He started doing something else that I noticed today.  When Harry, one of our "inside cats," sees the "outside cats" on the patio in the backyard, he lets out an awful scream.  When Walter hears Harry doing that, he runs to the window to see the "outside cats," and he starts raising a ruckus, too.  He barks and whines so much, that it makes you think something terrible is happening in the backyard.  Three of the "outside cats" don't even let Walter's barking and Harry's yowling phase them one bit, but poor Sally goes running for cover when she hears them.  Moneypenny, James Bond, Jr., and Linus just make themselves comfortable on the chaise lounges we have.  They only run when Walter blasts through the back door.  Sometimes they stand their ground, fluffed up like Halloween cats, hissing and growling enough to make Walter pause.  I tell him, "Leave it!" and that makes Walter back off a little bit.  Then he's distracted by whatever else is in the backyard, and he's off and running again.

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