Thursday, December 13, 2012

Flu Shot

Yesterday I got a flu shot.  I went to my local CVS, and after signing paperwork, I was told to wait at the end of the counter.  While I was waiting, I read the handout on the flu shot.

I recommend reading everything you get especially if it's something that's going to affect your body.  I read that the flu shot had thimerosal, which helps preserve the ingredients.  Only problem is that thimerosal contains mercury.  I'd just gotten this book by Dr. Hulda Clark, The Cure for all Diseases, and she says "metal" is one of the causes of disease.

I recently had a crown because of a cracked tooth that previously had a metal filling.  That filling has been there a long time.  My dentist removed the metal filling and replaced it with a porcelain crown - no metal.

So when I saw that the flu shot had thimerosal, I thought about whether it was worth it to get a flu shot.  I kept reading and found out that a thimerosal-free flu shot was available.  When the pharmacist came to me with the flu shot, I asked her if the thimerosal-free flu shot was available.  She graciously said she would check.  (Shout out to Nicole at CVS - she's the nicest pharmacist I ever met, and she's so helpful and knowledgeable.)

While I was waiting, I browsed the card selections.  It was a long time, but Nicole came out with the thimerosal-free flu shot.  She said that the reason the regular flu shot has thimerosal is that the vial contains enough flu shot vaccine for about twenty shots, so it needs to be preserved, and that's what the purpose of thimerosal is.  The thimerosal-free flu shot is a single dose.

I was so grateful that Nicole did the research and found that out so I could get a thimerosal-free flu shot.  I don't need any more metal in my body.

Moral of the story:  read the brochures that come with your prescriptions, and read up on things that will affect your body if you take them.

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