Saturday, June 22, 2013

It Wasn't a Leaf

In our house, you have to be careful when you reach down to pick something up.  This morning, I bent down to pick up a leaf, but it wasn't a leaf.  Ewwww - it was a hairball!  Not technically ball-shaped though, more like leaf-shaped, which is why I picked it up.  When I felt the wet mushiness of it, I screamed a little.  Oy vey.  Just another day in our house.

We have one long-haired cat, Violet.  I use the "Furminator" to comb her and keep her well-groomed, but inevitably, I find tufts of her fur all over the house.  Usually, I examine the offending object closely to make sure it's not a wet, gooey hairball, and when, to my satisfaction, it passes the "just a clump of Violet's (dry) fur," then I pick it up.

The same thing happens when I bend over to pick up a "dust bunny" and it turns out to be a dried up spider!  I can't help it.  I scream.

The moral of the story:  make sure you have good light so you can see what it is that you're picking up off the floor!

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