Saturday, April 21, 2012

Perimeter Check

Since Walter has become such an adept escape artist, I've been doing a perimeter check of the backyard every day.  We've fortified areas where he's dug under the fence.  He's a persistent little canine though, and he re-visits those previous tunnels, trying to tunnel out again.  You would not believe the things that a 44-lb. canine can move once he sets his little doggie mind to it.

While I'm checking the perimeter, I'm also on a poop treasure hunt, kind of like an Easter Egg Hunt, but the prizes are more odiferous.  I roam back and forth in a grid pattern, with plastic grocery bags in my hand, looking for Walter's land mines.  Sometimes I see him pooping in the backyard, so I know exactly where to go.

It's weird what shows up in his poop.  He ate some birdseed, so his poop was sprinkled through with millet.  He's been ingesting pieces of his mattress pad bed, which is blue.  That showed up in his poop, too.  At first, I thought I was looking at dryer lint and wondering how it got in the backyard, but thank Goodness, I used a plastic bag to touch it, and I realized it was poop.

I'm becoming a scatological expert.  Who would have foreseen that?  What's funny is that I've become so matter-of-fact about the things that come out of my animals' bodies, whether they're tapeworms from Violet's butt, or eye and nose buggers, ear wax, vomit, pee, fleas, or poop.  Good thing I'm balancing out this with things like music and art!

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