Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Two Baths in One Day

Saturday was the day I was supposed to give all the animals their flea and heartworm prevention treatment.  Once you give them that, they're not supposed to have a bath for two days.

Walter needed a bath, and I didn't think I could wait for two days, so Wayne gave him a bath that morning.  This meant that the treatment had to wait for two days.  But Walter really needed a bath.

Later that day, Wayne was working in the backyard garden, while Walter was enjoying running around in the yard.  All of a sudden, Wayne says to me, Walter escaped!  He tunneled under the fence into Bill and Geri's back yard (Bill is the neighbor who says we should ask for a refund from obedience school).  This happened even though Wayne was in the yard.  Walter is a stealth digger.  He moved the boards we had at the bottom of the fence to prevent his digging.

By the time Wayne retrieved Walter from the neighbors' yard, Walter was filthy, so he got another bath.  Two baths in one day!

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