Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Walter at the Dog Park

Today was the best day ever in Walter's life.  Well, maybe the second.  The first is the day we rescued him.  Today, Walter went to the dog park.  He met so many other dogs and ran and jumped and played.  It did our hearts good to watch all of them playing.

I haven't been operating at my usual "full steam ahead" because my knees have been hurting, so I haven't gotten to take Walter on his first daily long walk.  Wayne has been walking him in the evening, but he needs at least two walks a day to tap all that puppy energy.

Today, he looked like he was in heaven.  There were at least ten dogs his size that he got to romp around with at the park.
Then, at the end of the dog park visit, I used the handy hose to cool him off.  Walter used up a lot of energy today.  I think he will sleep very well.

There's a certain etiquette at the dog park.  People talk freely about their dogs - they tell you their dog's name, size, age, breed, all kinds of things.  No one asks what your name is or what you do.  This seems to be the protocol whenever dogs are involved.  Everyone pets the other's dogs, and you can even ask to hold their puppies.  Everyone talks to everyone, no matter if one person looks conservative, or if another person has head-to-toe tattoos.  They freely offer dog training tips or vet advice.

This was so much fun, I think we'll go back!

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