Thursday, May 31, 2012

LED Collar and Leash

Since I've been retired, I've had time to explore the Internet.  I discovered Groupons, Saveology, and No More Rack.  These sites post daily offers - kind of like the Home Shopping Network.  Anyway, one of the offers was for an LED collar and leash.  It was only seven dollars, and it came in red, blue, or green.  I thought that would be very cool, especially when walking Walter at night.  It came in the mail last week, and I was so excited.  Walter was excited when I put it on him, but he's always excited....
I thought that was the best seven dollars I'd spent in a long time.
As it turns out, the collar LED stopped working, so I contacted the company, and they said they would refund my money if I sent them a picture of it.  I really have been learning all kinds of new technology, and I was able to take the picture of it with "Photo Booth" and upload the picture onto my e-mail.  The leash still lights up and even blinks, but that could give someone a seizure, so I won't use that, but still, Walter looks great, don't you think?

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