Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cargo Pants

Who invented cargo pants?  What a great idea!  I love cargo pants with all of their pockets, kind of like my roll top desk with all of its drawers and cubby holes.

I don't usually carry a purse, so I like the idea of pockets, where I can stash lip gloss in one pocket, money in another, and my keys in another, and kleenex in another.  I especially like the pocket alongside of my thigh because that's where I put my fan, which is a necessity due to my hot flashes.  Wayne likes my cargo pants because that means he doesn't have to put all of those aforementioned items in his pants pockets.  He still tells me, "That's the only reason you want me around, because I have pockets!"  I tell him, "Not the only reason, but one of the reasons..."

What's great about these cargo pants I bought from Sam's is that they have a small percentage of Lycra!  What person doesn't love Lycra?  Another great invention!  Do you remember the days of lying on the bed to zip up your jeans?  I hate tight jeans now. I refuse to wear tight pants and feel uncomfortable.  Lycra makes pants feel "just right," as Goldilocks would say.

OK, so this ends my ode to Cargo Pants.  Just had to say it.

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