Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Dreaded Dremel

This is not an instrument of destruction.  I ordered this on the internet, so I could trim Walter's nails without the worry of cutting his nails too short and making them bleed.

Wayne helped me figure out how it worked, and then I turned it on to show Walter.  He started barking and tried to bite it.  Yeah, this is really going to work...

Every few days, I'd bring the dreaded Dremel out and show Walter.  Same reaction, barking and trying to bite it.

I'd try to pick up his paw so I could use the Dremel tool.  Walter's not buying into this concept.

Well, every day is a new day.  I brought out the Dremel tool, and Wayne got Walter to lie down on the carpet in front of the sofa.  I tentatively picked up one paw and applied the Dremel tool.  Hey!  He let me file his nail down!

Now, as to the rest of his nails, that was a different story.  He'd jump up and run around the sofa.  Wayne called him to sit in front of us, and he sat.  He coaxed him to lie down again.  It worked!

I was able to trim all of Walter's nails without making any of them bleed.  Success!

I decided to try it on the cats.  Hah!  First, Zoe.  She whined and meowed, but she let me file down all of her nails.  Then Harry, and even Violet.  Henry was a different story.  I got ONE of his nails.  I will have to use the regular nail clipper on him.  And even then, I have to wrap him up in a blanket like a burrito kitty so he doesn't  get away while I'm trimming his nails.  He is my sweetest kitty, but he still tries to bite me when I trim his nails.  The best time to cut his nails is when he's napping.  If I pick him up and start clipping right away, I can get quite a few nails done before he's fully awake and realizes what I'm doing.

I've been trying to convince Wayne to let me pluck his eyebrows.  Yeah, he's as happy to let me do that as Henry is to let me clip his nails.  He's worried because he's seen the "haircuts" I've given the bushes in the front yard.  He jokes that I give them "Charlie Brown Christmas tree haircuts," and he shudders to think what he'll look like when I've finished.  He should trust me, right?  My eyebrows look fine....

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