Sunday, November 18, 2012

Friends Pet Fest

Today at Lafreniere Park, there was a pet festival from 11 til 4.  We got there about 2 o'clock, and it was packed.

Dogs everywhere.
All kinds, all sizes, all colors.

Walter was overstimulated by all the dogs, and he was making his monkey sounds to indicate his excitement.  All sorts of vendors had booths around the park, and Wayne went to the ones giving samples of dog and cat food, so we got several varieties to try out on our animals.

Walter sniffed everyone he could.  He's so friendly and never met a person he didn't like.  He's an unusual looking dog, and people stopped us to ask what breed he was.  We said he was a rescued dog from SPCA, and we were told he was a mix of German Wire-haired Pointer and terrier, but we thought he looked like a smaller version of Irish Wolfhound. 

We were goggled by some of the dogs we saw.  There was a Kommondor, and I'd never seen one except on the TV when the Westminster Dog Show was broadcast.  The dog looked like he had rasta braids all over, and he was huge, even though the lady who had him on a leash said he weighed 115 pounds.

There were all kinds of  animals for adoption beside dogs.  There cats and rabbits and birds.  I even saw a huge tortoise.

I'd never even heard of one kind of rabbit; it was a lionhead rabbit.
Well, we didn't adopt any more animals, but we pet quite a few, and Walter had a grand time.  We left the petfest and walked over to the dog park, and Walter had more fun.  Everyone talks to everybody at the dog park, just like all the dogs mingle.
Walter got a bath when we got home.  Lots of dog slobber - the cats wouldn't appreciate that, and maybe Walter wouldn't either.

Back home, Wayne watched the Saints play the Raiders.  Thank goodness, the Saints won.  Now it's time to watch Treme.

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