Friday, November 2, 2012

Matching Halloween Costumes

I love costuming at Mardi Gras and Halloween.  I confess I have costumes for my animals, but they do not appreciate being dressed in the outfits.

This Halloween, as I have done for many past Halloweens, I put on my angel wings, and I coaxed Walter into His own angel wings and halo.  Then we went to the chiropractor's office.  Derek and Angelle Stratton are a husband and wife team of chiropractors.  They let me bring Walter inside the office.

 I had to take off my wings to get my adjustment, but Walter sat patiently while this happened.  He didn't even try to bite his halo.

From there, we went to physical therapy.  I brought Walter in, and he got lots of love from people there.  We were having so much fun, that I decided to pop into the post office next door.  It's so funny when people see you dressed up.  I think they're not sure how they're supposed to react.  Any way, I went inside the post office and asked for the lady who knows me and knows that I wear angel wings on occasion.  She wasn't in, but I asked the post office employees behind the counter to tell her that the lady with wings came by to see her, and to let her know that I brought my dog with wings and a halo to see her, too.  Can you just picture that?

Walter and I went home, where I praised him for being such a good sport.  I drove back to physical therapy, but this time, without wings...

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